Making Connections Internationally


The education sessions I attended on Saturday at the conference clearly showed how important marketing and sales are at a global level. Since markets are continuously growing, learning how to branch out of local comfort zones, and make connections internationally, will only further expand your business. Due to Canada being a cultural mosaic, it is so important to learn how to conduct business with other cultures as not everything is done under the same practices. Educating yourself with different cultural customs and methods of conducting business will further future success. This provides a clearer understanding of how to better address the needs of different clients, as well to gain a better understanding of their expectations. By creating a level of interest among foreign cultures, this allows your client to feel more of a personal connection throughout the experience of working with their REALTOR®.

Next on the list of Saturday events was the General Session. The session was hosted by former Secretary of State and former US Senator from New York, Hillary Rodham Clinton. Hillary, being a household name for many years, is clearly a strong business leader I could gain some valuable knowledge from. Serving in the public sector for nearly four decades, Clinton is a force to be reckoned with, especially regarding foreign policy. To be present today with someone who has done so much during her time in office, and continues to share her experiences with others is inspirational. She discussed the importance of the “smart power” approach, which is a combination of hard powers referring to an aggressive means of influencing other political bodies, and soft powers, which involves a more cooperative means of persuasion. When Clinton became Secretary of State in 2009, America had faced two extremely expensive wars, a failing economy, and very few international allies. Over the course of her stay as Secretary much has changed. The war in Iraq ended, the US was able to rebuild relationships with strengthening allies and begin economic recovery.

When working at an international level, the focus remains on building bilateral relationships, in order to ensure both parties share similar values and practices. Clinton takes no back seat when it comes to public affairs. She has traveled to over 80 countries advocating human rights, democracy, and equal opportunities for women, as well as avidly supporting those who risked their lives at Ground Zero as first responders. Through her “smart power” approach, she was able to aid in re-establishing America as a Pacific power, and continues to use her experiences to better the ones of those around her. She participates in all she can do for the the greater good, and inspires others to dig deep within themselves to see what they can change for the better.

Ian M. Charlebois is the CEO and President/Broker of RE/MAX Citywide Realty Inc., a real estate brokerage whose vision and strategic directions are infused with a commitment to delivering value-added customer service at all stages of the sales experience.

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