The Grapevine: Most Important Thing


QUESTION: What’s the most important thing you learned or did at this year’s conference?

Leigh Brown

“That small dinners totally trump big ones and that YPN has room for all.”

Jacy Riedmann

“Learning about the new #PowerofR campaign is powerful! I love the idea of raising awareness of what that letter really says about us as a community. We are ethical, we are knowledgable, we give back, we care.”

Kerri Hartnett

“The most important thing I’ve done during conference this year is NAR Leadership Academy Class of 2014. Best experience ever!!!”

Alex Ruggieri

“It is paramount to participate! I mean be here. Every year I wonder, will going to conference be worth the time? The money? The resources that I must invest attend? And every year even while I am here and as I get ready to go home I pinch myself at just how great (and profitable) the experience is to participate. If you came this year, commit to come again. If you haven’t made the leap promise yourself that you will get involved. We all are strengthened by each other and our organization will thrive if you do!”

Linda Davis

“I always find it important to connect with the vendors whose products I use and speak to the others about new products and services.”

Maureen Francis

“I made connections with people who will help my local association grow next year. Speakers who we will bring to Metro Detroit, REALTORS® who’ve asked to increase their volunteer participation, and NAR staff who’ve offered to assist our local staff to better serve our members.”

Chris Nichols

“The most important thing I learned is that our REALTOR® family is comprised of some of the most wonderful and caring people I have ever known. I’m honored and humbled to be part of this family.”

Melisa Camp

“I learned how to create urgency to act among buyers and sellers.”

Amy Smythe Harris

“Attended NAR BOD to learn what is happening with the new NAR building in Chicago.”

Anand Patel

“Besides the valuable face-to-face time with online contacts and spending time with vendors in the Expo Hall, as soon as I’m back at the office I’m looking forward to using the commercial real estate report features of RPR I learned about during the conference.”

Darlene Sodano

“I had the distinct pleasure to share my conference experience via Conference Live!”

John Rosshirt

“Supported some of the best parts of the REALTOR® association, parts that need to grow because of the positive impact they make on the members and their clients and their communities: GREEN and Smart Growth.”

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