Using Mini-Movies to Market Luxury Homes


Sell luxury homes faster and for more money using actors, scripts, storylines, and even aerial shots. Each movie is tailored to each home and then strategically targeted to the most likely buyer.

The first step is to figure out a story that grows out of the house and incorporates the right staging. Then, identify the right music and actors to show buyers what the home feels like to live in. Finally, create an emotional connection and make the house come alive.

Using mini-movies to market luxury homes was presented by Curt Hahn of Film House Real Estate at NAR Annual. The first story shown was of a father following clues on Post-it Notes all over the property until he finds his daughter with her Harvard acceptance letter. This simple scavenger hunt showcasing key areas in this Tennessee home left my eyes a little misty at the end. It was powerful.

The second mini-movie had a ‘Fifty Shades’ theme where a bachelor is getting dressed for a party he is hosting. It showed a chef preparing food, the bachelor preparing drinks, then guests enjoying his cocktail party. The movie ends with his girlfriend wearing her favorite tie from his closet.

The third mini-movie was a bedtime story with a festive theme set “on the finest street in Nashville.” The home was vacant and staged to show Halloween, a children’s birthday party, reading in a parents’ room, hanging Christmas stockings, and a Thanksgiving feast. No actors, just voice-over, and incredible aerial views of the street.

One half of 1% is the minimum starting price for these movies, and the length is usually around three minutes. The homeowner is usually the one paying for the mini-movie, according to Hahn. Agents can also incorporate the price into the listing presentation or ask homeowners to pay upfront then refund them at closing. Sometimes cost is split between agent and homeowner.

YouTube is the main posting place, which then gets the movie indexed on Google. Agents can link the YouTube video to MLS. The movies can be embedded on a website, blog, Pinterest, Zillow, Trulia, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or any other social media network. The only cost is producing the movie; no money is spent posting on the internet. They go viral and are seen worldwide!

I cannot wait to try this!

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