Networking on a Global Scale


The International REALTORS® Welcome Reception gathered all those attending from around the world and I was immediately able to see the global reach of NAR attendees at the conference. While I was waiting to cross the street, I was asked to confirm an address by Michael Sheargold, a business coach, working primarily in Australia and New Zealand and we both quickly realized we were heading to the same event.

Throughout our time at the reception, Michael and I discussed the motives behind attending the conference, and the valuable information we are able to gather to then extend onto our clients. Although Michael does not sell real estate, as a coach for REALTORS® he recognizes the value in attending NAR Annual to keep him up to date with what is happening within the industry. Michael stressed the importance of knowing current market trends, and understanding ways he can then extend the knowledge gained after attending, onto his clients to better amplify them to become more successful.

Being a young CEO and President/Broker, I am always looking for ways to amplify myself to better my business. Working alongside my own business coach, Chris Leader (who I ironically had a phone session with three hours earlier in the day), and personal coach, Michael Paquin, I am able to constantly reflect on past experience and look for ways to improve for the future. Keeping my eyes and ears open, and learning to ask the right questions is something that has proven most successful thus far. Reflection was one of the key topics Michael and I discussed throughout our introduction. Sometimes it is easy to become so consumed in what you are doing, you aren’t able to really reflect on past performances or experiences and look for ways to improve or amplify them. Upon reflection, planning is a necessary next step, in order to consistently further your results and goals, whether they are personal or professional. Interestingly enough, networking with other industry professionals at this event—and on a global scale—demonstrates that continuously learning from those surrounding you will aid in remaining motivated and maintaining your success.

Being a part of a sales team, we must always look for ways to help motivate each other in order to succeed and remain cohesive. The importance of leadership was the last topic Michael and I discussed. Six degrees of separation was a notion unavoidable here, as Michael introduced a book called Multipliers, written by Liz Wiseman. Michael mentioned that he met Liz during a conference held in Hawaii, while I ironically attended and spoke with her during my time at the 2013 Global Leadership Summit. Her message, being that the best leaders are those who use their intelligence to amplify others, resonated with both of us. The best leaders are those who can motivate others around them to do more with less. They are able to create a cohesive environment where people working around them feel the desire to progressively succeed in the most efficient manner. They inspire others to multiply and generate results with fewer resources by using their own capabilities to amplify the capabilities of others. Through conference attendance and global networking, I feel I am consciously expanding not only my knowledge, but also my ability to lead a successful sales team. Through reflection of these experiences, I am also able to see how far my team and I have come, and effectively plan ways to go further.

The global reach established at the REALTORS® Conference & Expo creates the ability to expand your social circle. It creates an opportunity to gain insight from other successful leaders within the industry and formulate methods surrounding their experiences to better your own. Learning from great leaders like Liz Wiseman and Michael Sheargold creates a more intense and higher level of expectation from myself. It also creates a motivation to always expand my network and consume as much information as I can so after I can reflect on my experiences and further discuss growth measures with my coaches Chris Leader and Michael Paquin.

Ian M. Charlebois is the CEO and President/Broker of RE/MAX Citywide Realty Inc., a real estate brokerage whose vision and strategic directions are infused with a commitment to delivering value-added customer service at all stages of the sales experience.

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