Energy Retrofitting Homes


Energy and atmosphere is the heart and soul of a green home, according to presenter Devon Hartman during the American Green Home offering at NAR Annual. Everyone knows the environment is in trouble, global warming is real, and we are going to kill off our planet if we don’t change the way we live and do business.

The problem is buildings, but perhaps they can also be a part of the solution. A revolution is coming in how we use energy. On average, homes lose 30% of heated or cooled air due to duct leakage. If we could reduce energy use in every home by 25%—which could easily be done within a couple days per home, according to Hartman—it would be the equivalent of taking half of the cars off the road overnight in terms of carbon emissions.

Long story short, sealing a home’s envelope is the low-hanging fruit in terms of most bang for your buck, and the best place to start when thinking of retrofitting an existing home.

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