Thursday Recap


PHOTO: From Left-to-Right: John Rosshirt, Diana Keyes, Jim Smith, Lisa Messana

Great Flight

Had a great flight to SF. There were a number of REALTORS® I knew on the flight which helped make the four hour journey seem shorter. Lisa Messing and I chatted about her upcoming year as MLS Chair. That is a job that I had in 2000 and 2001. I was delighted to share with her a few lessons I learned the hard way and how to make the most of going to conference. Jim Smith is a great REALTOR® and very active in the national property management group and is also the incoming chair of Austin’s CRS group which is his primary focus this trip. Jim is staying at a ‘vacation’ rental at a fraction of the price of a hotel and he gets a full kitchen. And most delighted to get to know is Diana Keyes. She is attending many WCR events. But I especially appreciated that she offered me a ride in her rental car. It was great to get the time with her.

Something New

I like good green innovations. Here is one that is new to me. The middle of the hotel bar of soap that is never used is missing on this product I have never seen. I wish I could have your feedback. It is labeled as GREEN. Is this GREEN to you?


SG21 Class

The Smart Growth Class for the 21st Century class was another fine experience. Teaching it at national is like no other place since the audience is from all over. Participants were registered from 15 differnet states with multiples from Michigan, California, Florida, and Indiana. A very diverse group. But wait. Something that I had not had in any of my Smart Growth Classes, an international contingent was there. We had seven participants that traveled together from the United Arab Emirates. They added a lot of interesting perspective to the class. With a 12-hour time difference, I really appreciated their ability to participate.

Sushi Boats

Never had a bad meal in SF. This is something new to me. Sushi boats. These boats sail around the large sushi bar and if a plate looks good to you then you just take it. You are charged by the plates. Different designs of plates identify different prices. It was actually quite reasonable and an enjoyable experience.


John Rosshirt is a veteran of 20 National REALTOR® Conferences. From Austin, TX, he is an associate broker of Stanberry & Associates REALTORS®, and currently serves as a Regional Vice President for the Texas Association of REALTORS®.

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