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One of the reasons why I had to leave on Tuesday was because I was accepted into the NAR Leadership Academy for 2014, one of the mandatory sessions that occurs during #NARAnnual.

Out of all the applicants, I was so fortunate to be one of the 16 accepted candidates. It’s humbling, it’s exciting, and just outright fun. This is a great group of people from all over the US and beyond! We bonded quite fast—great minds think alike. We learn how NAR operates and got to meet Moe Veissi and Ron Phipps, our past NAR presidents.

While I definitely don’t want to kiss and tell about what happened during this day — it’s something you have to experience yourself — I highly encourage that you apply!

Tomorrow starts my real day. Oy vey! What a packed schedule tomorrow, gotta get some sleep. I may have to leave my heart in San Francisco. I love it here!

Tim Hur is a graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial and Systems Engineering. Currently, he runs and operates a boutique real estate firm in Metro Atlanta.

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  1. Dixie Wong on :

    Did you learn about SMART GROUP? That was the topic we explored a few years ago in the Michigan Leadership Academy. I use that information almost daily.

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