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As an AE, I attended the NAR legal update session this morning, a closed event specifically for association executives (AEs) and board legal counsel only. I acquired a ton of good information to take back to my local association, and while I won’t bore you with the details, I will hit a few highlights. While it is all very good information, some of it can be a little dry. However, before I list the highlights, here are two takeaways you should consider in reading this specific post:

1. Communicate and trust your local AE.
Reach out to him/her and ask questions. Let them be the go-to resource for you to get the needed information and updates. Encourage and empower your AE to stay on top of these important details for your association.

2. NAR’s legal team is amazing.
We have a huge member benefit with this legal team. Although some of their key players are retiring this year, rest assured that the new team will be trained thoroughly. Because we are one of the largest trade organizations in the world — with over one million members — we only have the best to stay on top of our business. This was proven during the legal update session today.

Some of the highlights of the legal update are as follows. Contact your AE to get the details:

  • Antitrust Compliance Program and Litigation Update
  • From Paper Pad to iPad — Association Forms Go Digital
  • Appraisal Independence and Flood Insurance Disclosure
  • MLS Policy Update
  • Professional Standards Update
  • General Legal Update
  • Copyright of MLS Listings
  • Members’ Duty to Arbitrate
  • IDX Liability
  • Pocket Listings and “Coming Soon”

Now that you know your wonderful association has got your back in covering all things legal, go about your conference networking, attending awesome educational sessions, and having fun being a REALTOR®.

Jessica Hickok found her passion in working for the REALTOR® Association on committees, boards, and projects in developing, planning, and executing the goals of the membership.

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  1. Jim Weix on :

    With numerous sites, like Zillow, allowing all agents and firms, including non-association or MLS members and FSBOs to place their listings, look for a increase in pocket listings.

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