Staying Rooted


I’ve finally figured out how to show off my home state pride to my fellow REALTORS® at the Conference and Expo. Look for me donning this Michigan necklace with a heart right over my home in Metro Detroit.

Among the many things that struck me at Mid Year in 2012 during the amazing, powerful REALTOR® Rally (so wish you all could have been there to feel the REALTOR® energy on fire in the nation’s capital!) was the way everyone was showing off something unique about their state, even though we were all donning the same blue REALTOR® emblazoned t-shirt. There were hats, flags, signs, and so on that gave a sense of place. With the largest gathering of REALTORS® ever in one place, we certainly made our presence known in Washington DC that day!

My necklace shows my pride in my great state of Michigan.

Oh, and by the way, I heard some Michigan folks are getting together in San Francisco to watch the Detroit Lions game on Sunday morning. I’ll tweet out the details from @MaureenFrancis once I know specifics.

Did you pack something to let people know where you are from?

Twenty years ago, Maureen Francis left the United States to work as a business advisor in the first group of US Peace Corps volunteers to serve in the former Soviet Union. After nearly a decade in advertising and management consulting in Ukraine, Maureen found a new calling: residential real estate sales in her hometown of Birmingham, Michigan.

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  1. Dixie Wong on :

    I love that Michigan necklace! Where did you find it with a heart where you wanted it? I would love something like that for Berrien Springs, Michigan. What a great state!

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