Home Automation Technology Preview


Sneak a peek at some of the Green Home Automation topics to be presented this weekend at the 2013 REALTORS® Conference & Expo in San Francisco, CA.

Temperature Controls – Smart thermostats make it easy to save energy while you are away. Control your home’s temperature from anywhere. Heating and cooling account for most of a home’s energy use, so technology like this makes a huge impact. In Arizona, SRP estimates 51% of energy use alone is cooling, and nationally ENERGY STAR reports 29% for heating and 17% of energy used for cooling (46% total).

Lighting – Turn off all of your lights (except kids’ night lights) with a press of a button, or turn on lights on your way home from work. Occupancy sensors help turn lights off when no one is in the room. The evolution of light bulbs has come a long way.

Water/Irrigation – Save approximately 35% more water by using irrigation sensors. A smart water system can measure key climate conditions to create the appropriate watering schedule automatically. Control pool or spa with the touch of a button.

Security – Send keys electronically to allow for deliveries, cleaners, sitters, etc. Use your phone to open doors. Get notification if your garage door is left open. Set home on vacation mode, make your doorbell play your college fight song. The last tip is less green, but I still like bringing it up as a fun “toy” for your home.

Smart Home Monitoring – See how much energy you use and save more. Research out of Oxford University shows that you can save 5-15% on energy costs when you have immediate feedback on your energy consumption. Multiply that estimated $30 savings each month and it adds up fast. This is almost competing with yourself to see how low you can go — no harm there. You can even combine interfaces and see how much you are using versus generating if you have a renewable energy resource.

Come learn about all of the cutting-edge technology at the course offering Sunday, November 11th from 1:30 pm -3:00 pm in the Moscone Center, Room 130.

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