Getting Down to Business


I flew in to San Francisco Tuesday late afternoon with my family and we spent a day and a half taking in the sights, smells, and sounds of San Francisco. It is now Wednesday night as I write this while my wife and kids are in bed fast asleep, recovering from the fast-paced excursions we took within this wonderful city. I’m now looking forward to getting down to business. Thursday morning I am really looking forward to my Data Strategies Committee meeting, where we are reviewing a year’s worth of research and analysis to make recommendations that will hopefully be implemented into action. Featured Attendee Linda Davis referenced some of the hot issues our committee deals with in her post the other day. The Data Strategies Committee is not only a newly formed committee this year, it is also my first committee that I am serving on at NAR. So far it has been a great experience, affording the opportunity to be surrounded by some brilliant minds from around the country. If you are considering joining a committee at the NAR level, go for it. It will only help you develop both personally and professionally.

Besides committee meetings, I am looking forward to networking with old friends and making new ones in the process during events like the YPN Reception on Friday. For those who have never attended a conference, remember that these friendships also strengthen your referral network by allowing you to build your sphere of agent partners around the country and around the world.

Speaking of the world, I plan to focus some time on the global market and look to develop relationships with REALTORS® in South America and Asia.

I’m looking forward to speaking to some of the NAR REach™ inaugural “class members” to see how their year in the accelerator program went.

I’m eager to explore the trade show floor, meeting with current vendors I use with my company and seeing what’s new out there. This also gives me an opportunity to discover new tools, technology and ideas that I can bring back to my agents to help them grow their businesses.

There are a few educational sessions I am also looking forward to attending, along with the General Session on Saturday.

One thing I have learned is that you won’t be able to accomplish everything you want while at the conference. The key is to focus on a few things that are important to you and accept the fact that you can’t be everywhere.

Another piece of advice — come with an open mind. There is opportunity all around you if you open yourself to it. You may have come here for one reason, but will end up leaving with a brand new opportunity you never knew existed.

Can’t be here over the next few days in person? Be sure to follow along at the Conference Live site and via social media with hashtag #NARannual.

Anand Patel is broker/president of Pangea Realty Group (PRG) located in Tampa, Florida.

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