The Best and Brightest Are Here

As part of the NAR Leadership Academy (NARLA) Advisory Board, I have had the opportunity to sit through the NAR Leadership Academy sessions while here in San Francisco. This means that I get to hear all the good sessions by key people at NAR and in leadership and there is always something new and fascinating at these conferences.

During a NARLA session by Stephanie Singer, NAR’s Vice President of Media and Consumer Communications, there were some great takeaways from her session that included seeing the latest REALTOR® commercial with the message of “Every market is different. Call a REALTOR® today.”

REALTORS® are just more than about buying and selling a home. And it’s true, every market is different and therefore you want to call a REALTOR® that is specific for your market.

After Stephanie’s presentation, one of the academy participants tells the quick story of running into a young barista at her local Starbucks in Boise, ID. She is wearing her REALTOR® pin and badge and the barista asks her if she is a REALTOR® to which she enthusiastically replies “Yes, I am!” and the barista asks her if being a REALTOR® is different than just anyone because they have to do more education and comply with the Code of Ethics. The REALTOR® is impressed with the barista and says, “that is exactly right, how do you know that?!” The barista says to the REALTOR®, “I saw it somewhere on a TV commercial” as he beams with pride and so does the REALTOR®.

Of course I can’t tell the story near as well as the NARLA participant told it to all of us in the session, however one thing stood out clearly…NAR is doing a great job of getting the message out to the public. As a local AE, this makes me so proud of the REALTOR® association, our members are of a higher caliber and some of the best and brightest are at this annual conference!

Jessica Hickok found her passion in working for the REALTOR® Association on committees, boards, and projects in developing, planning, and executing the goals of the membership.

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