Using Evernote as a Conference Tool


Note taking at the NAR Conference comes in all shapes and sizes. I’ve seen notes taken on smart phones, tablets, laptops, and with plain old paper and pen. My preferred method of taking notes at the conference is with my favorite app, Evernote, where I’ve been taking conference notes on my iPad since 2011.

narcl2013_post_evernote_conference_tool_236x250_01Here is how I organize Evernote. I created a “stack” of Notebooks called NAR Conferences. Each year I create a new Notebook and within that Notebook are my individual notes for that year. This year I added a separate Featured Attendee Notebook where I will be writing my blog posts and then emailing them direct from Evernote to be used for Conference Live. I created a shortcut within Evernote for my Featured Attendee Notebook so I can access it quickly when I need to. With Evernote, I have the ability to take photos, record audio, and create checklists to add to my notes.

Evernote is the perfect tool for my conference experience. If you love Evernote as much as I do, be sure to join the Evernote for Real Estate group on Facebook.

Linda Davis has sold real estate in Ledyard, CT for over 35 years. She is active in her local Board of Realtors® and in her community, where she serves as an elected official, holding the office of Deputy Mayor and Chairman of the Ledyard Town Council.

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