Plan Convention Education Around Tomorrow’s Business Action


“Live in the future just enough to get a return on that investment of time.”

I was at a conference when the (in)famous Gary Vaynerchuk uttered those words, and frankly they have stuck ever since. That piece of advice is one of the best I’ve heard in 2013, a year of some pretty cool events and happenings and turmoil that have reverberated throughout the real estate space.

To cope with them all, REALTORS® tend to want to latch onto the next big thing, the new shiny toy, slap the get-business-easy button, forgetting what has made them all successful in the first place. Me being out of sales for a year – on the outside looking in, mostly – has made me realize more that it’s not the tech or the toys that embody the REALTOR® , it’s the planning, procedures, and expertise within each of them that differentiate them not only from each other, but from what disrupts them online and off.

So as you figure out your conference schedule, don’t forget to figure out the who-what-and-why of your sessions. How will each session add to my business plan for 2014? How will each new vendor add to your time bottom line? How will each product snap into your marketing and/or productivity plan? Always keep on eye on today’s clients, the other on tomorrow’s business. Look just enough ahead to introduce actionable thoughts and processes today.

For me, my days in San Francisco would look like this…


Hit the Real Estate BarCamp learning what REALTORS® all over the country are doing to integrate tech and new media into their business and getting an idea of what tomorrow’s marketing environment looks like.


I hit the Residential Real Estate Trends Forum, the session on Tech Tools for Global Transactions, chatting with the 2013 REach™ Companies on their views of the real estate industry, and the Power Networking Sessions with my fellow REALTORS®.


Saturday and Sunday, I’m all over the High Touch/High Tech/High ROI Session, learning about Real Estate and Relevance, on how Real Estate Matters to Community, hitting the General Session, and learning how to ride the Digital Journal to Real Estate Relevancy while getting my Website Audited.

It’s the perfect combination of today’s thoughts on tomorrow’s conversations, all with my business and marketing model in mind.

What does your #NARAnnual agenda look like?

Nobu Hata is the National Association of REALTORS®’ Director of Digital Engagement. An industry veteran since 1996, Nobu is a student of marketing, communications trends, social media, and technology in the real estate industry.


  1. Katrina on :

    Kickstart Your Production in 2014 with Brian Buffini on Saturday at 1:30 PM! Like you said, it’s not about the latest tech tools, it’s about bringing it back to what made you successful in the first place. For me that’s working the fundamentals that generate leads and create advocates! His sessions always fire me up and get me refocused on what my business needs to thrive.

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