Freezing from Florida


I hate to admit it, but many of us from sunny Florida get into a panicked frenzy when temperatures drop below 70 degrees. Should we keep the kids home from school? Turn on the heater? Will they be closing all the beaches??? We’re just not prepared for such “extreme” drops in temperature.

So you will have to forgive us Florida REALTORĀ® attendees as we attempt to pack for the San Francisco weather next week for the NAR Annual Convention, especially those of us visiting the city for the first time. Personally, I love the cool weather and am not concerned as I’ll be wearing a suit most days of the conference–but I am somewhat worried about what my wife will be packing for the family. I overheard her on the phone the other day mentioning words like “scarf,” “gloves,” and “trench coats.” After she got off the phone I told her it really isn’t going to be that bad, but she assured me that with how windy she’s heard it gets in San Francisco…we’ll be needing as much protection as possible. Uh-oh.

I only have a couple more days left before we fly out west to convince my wife that San Francisco is not some frozen tundra and that we will be fine with a pair of jeans and a windbreaker (right?). But, with the likely chance I fail to convince her, please try not to laugh too hard if you see a family of four strolling around Fisherman’s Wharf dressed like Eskimos next week.

Hey…at least you’ll know how to spot the Floridians.

Anand Patel is broker/president of Pangea Realty Group (PRG) located in Tampa, Florida.

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