San Francisco on My Mind!


I am a gadget geek and a lover of most things tech. Preparing for a conference usually includes a new purchase to make my travels easier. As I reflect on what worked in DC during the Midyear Meetings and look forward to what I will be packing to take to the REALTORS® Conference & Expo in San Francisco, I thought I would share my mobile office contents with you.

For the Midyear Meetings, the new addition to my iPile (that’s the name my 9-year-old has given my growing stash of Apple products) was an iPad mini. The mini was perfect in every way. It was much lighter and smaller than my iPad 2, and it fit right in my purse and was easy to pull out at meetings for notes.

I had hoped to do more blogging for Midyear Live while I was in DC, but time got away from me, as I was invited to meetings and other events that were not on my agenda when I left home. (Met the Michigan senators!) But on the flight home, I whipped out my Logitech Bluetooth® Keyboard, and paired it with the iPad mini to whip out a couple of posts about my wonderful trip to DC. Even though I bought the keyboard to go with my iPad 2, it works fine with the mini, it just doesn’t act as a case like it would otherwise. I bought the keyboard for the REALTORS® Conference & Expo in Orlando, and it was my first conference without lugging along a laptop. I will never carry a laptop anywhere again.

And as every REALTOR® knows, running out of charge for your cell phone can cause convulsions. In Orlando, none of the charging stations were ready for the lightning adapter I had on my brand new iPhone 5. Yes, that was my Orlando conference preparedness acquisition. Like many of you, my phone logs some serious battery usage, and I can drain it down before lunch. Before I left for my last vacation, I bought the Photive Portable Battery Charger. It’s another winner and will be with me in San Francisco. It was great to know that I didn’t need to be near a wall outlet during sessions, and I didn’t have to trust that my phone would be safe somewhere during the day while I left it behind to get a charge.

Last but not least, every iPad needs a case. The one I chose for my new mini was this i-Blason. Dig the colors, like the leather, the auto shut off magnet and the stylus holder. Not totally in love with the level of protection it provides or the angles it offers as a stand. but for the money, it’s quite good.

Tech changes rapidly, so I am sure I will come up with something new I need for the REALTORS® Conference & Expo, but everything I packed for the Midyear Meetings has a very good chance of making the next trip. See you in November!

Twenty years ago, Maureen Francis left the United States to work as a business advisor in the first group of US Peace Corps volunteers to serve in the former Soviet Union. After nearly a decade in advertising and management consulting in Ukraine, Maureen found a new calling: residential real estate sales in her hometown of Birmingham, Michigan.

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